Australia subclass 300 prospective marriage visa processing time


For the most applicants the most important question is “how long does it take to obtain Australian fiancee visa (also known as subclass 300 prospective marriage visa)?“. Well, the processing times vary from Embassy to Embassy and depend a lot from your fiancee’s location.  Usually it can take 4-5 month to obtain Australian prospective marriage visa, but this period could be longer in some locations and also if your case if very complicated. In complicated cases you should be ready to wait for 10 month.

How long Australian fiancée visa is valid for?

Australian fiancée visa is valid for 9 months. During this period the applicant (your fiancee) immigrating to the Australia should get married. The prospective marriage visa (AU fiancée visa) provide right to obtain spouse temporary visa and in some time Australian permanent residence.

How old must be fiancee to obtain Australia fiancee visa?

There are age limits – your fiancee must be at least 18 years old.

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